Lina Ricciardi’s in North York: Answers to Common Questions

Question: What is Electrolysis?

A highly skilled technician inserts a very small wire down the hair follicle and then releases a mild electrical pulse for a fraction of a second to seal-off the base of the root and the slips the hair out with forceps. Once the hair has been treated there is some regrowth and repeated regular treatments are required to completely close off the hair follicle.

Question: How long will the treatment take?

This depends on the individual and the extent of growth. If temporary methods of hair growth have been used-tweezing, waxing, shaving, etc., then the base of the hair is distorted and stronger which would require more treatments. Hair that has not been tampered with responds more effectively and quickly to treatment.

Question: Are Electrolysis treatments available to men?

Yes! Common problem areas for men are the centre of the eyebrow, the cheeks, the beard, outer ear and nose.

Question: Is Electrolysis really permanent?

Yes! Electrolysis is safe and medically approved method for permanent removal of unwanted hair. However a series of treatments are necessary.

Question: When is the optimal time to do Electrolysis?
Electrolysis is most effective when the hair pops through the skin. The hair will be in the growing stage with a root and this is the best time to treat the hair. Electrolysis is most effective in the growth stage.
Regularity of the treatments is as important as the treatment itself.

Question: What causes excessive hair growth?

There are many reasons for excessive hair growth. In some cases it can be hereditary, glandular problem, menopause, pregnancy or hormonal imbalance.

Question: What is the cost?

The cost varies for each person depending on how much hair and work is required. Treatments times are 1/4 hr., 1/2 hr., 3/4 hr. and 1 hr. I offer a complimentary (no cost) consultation for new clients where I will explain the procedure and answer any of your questions.

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